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About the Honors Society

Welcome to the Honors Society, a nationally recognized organization honoring excellence among college and high school students. Our student members come from diverse backgrounds, but share a drive to succeed. We are comprised of students and educators that have come together to uphold academic excellence and civic virtue. Through our partnership with high school and college students across the country, we are working to foster academic excellence.

Students have been admitted because they have demonstrated their drive, focus and integrity. Many past student members of the Honors Society have gone on to become business and community leaders. We like to think of ourselves as a barometer of future success.

We Stand For

✓ Recognizing academic excellence
✓ Fostering civic virtue
✓ Guiding students


Membership is open to students nominated by faculty and administrators as well as students who apply on their own. The first step to membership is to complete the online student membership application. As an Honors Society student member:

✓ Your name will be recorded in the official Honors Society honor roll.
✓ You may include your Honors Society membership on your resume and applications.
✓ You will have access to the Honors Society member's section, which has valuable tools.


The integrity of our members is of paramount importance for us to maintain the honor of our organization. To begin your application process please review our oath of integrity.

Oath of Integrity
"I pledge to conduct myself with absolute honesty and truthfulness. I willingly accept the responsibility of self-verification, and will not in any way misrepresent my merits or achievements. I will not bring dishonor to my name or The Honors Society."


Please complete the form below to tell us more about yourself. The information you provide will be held in the strictest confidence and will never be released to outside organizations.

Member's Area

Member's Area

This section is only open to current Honors Society members. Members in good standing have access to:

✔ Admission test review information
✔ College and University listings
✔ Financial aid and scholarship information
✔ Study resources

Order Certificate

Order Certificate

As a member in good standing, you are eligible to order a certificate of acceptance. This certificate is printed on high-quality paper and delivered within ten business days.


Frequently asked questions & Contact information

Who nominated me?
Nominations are generally made by instructors or school administrators.

What if I don't know my current GPA?
You may use your GPA from your last term or estimate your current GPA.

Is the Honors Society open to online students?
We gladly accept online students as long as they are enrolled in classes.

Is the Honors Society open to non-degree seeking students?
We gladly accept non-degree seeking students as long as they are enrolled in classes.

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